Colt 1911 WWI era question

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Is the serial number of the pistol supposed to be stamped anywhere else besides the right hand side of the frame? Awhile back, someone mentioned something about having a serial number under the firing pin stop? That is such a small surface area, where exactly should the serial number be found? I pulled the firing pin stop out and can see no numbers, unless I am looking in the wrong spot?


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    Found on WWII era Colt 1911A1.


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    Thanks Neal, my pistol defintely does not have the numbers there, it looks like someone did some grinding there!
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    Hello I would not worry if the serial is NOT there, some vintage pistols had them on the slide and some did not . For the most part the serial number was split in half with the first half of the digits above the firing pin hole in the slide and the second half of the digits below the firing pin hole. If you give me the serial number of frame I can give you my best opinion on if your slide should or should not have this second serial . The roll stamp on the slide was changed MANY times and if the correct vintage slide for your serial number range the lack of serial is no big deal. It is just more sellable if you can prove the slide has the same serial. The collectors of these great pistols are a picky sort[:I]
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