heym 30.06

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ive inherited my grandfathers guns. while he was stationed in germany on base, or when he was in the war he aquired a heym bolt action 30.06. the gun has got 2 triggers , wood stock , and no sights.ive been looking on the web and cant find much on older heyms.my question is are these guns worth anything? were they used as sniper rifles by the germans? and are the bolts supposed to have slop,because this guns bolt feels sloppy to me.


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    I would need to know a lot more in order to help you. Drop me a note at [email protected]

    F.W. Heym was one of the better German gunamkers but there is no way to know who did what to the rifle or when it was made without pictures and more information.

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    Heym has been in business for many years, since the 19th Century in fact. Without photos or at least a specific description of all the markings on the rifle it will be very difficult to give DOM and value.

    Not likely to be a German military sniper rifle in caliber 30-06 and having "set", ( 2 triggers ), triggers.
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