scope mount for Lee Enfield

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suggestion for scope mount for Brit. 303 MK1 111 what is a good set for this


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    I have an S & K no drill mount on my No I Mk III types (I can't keep the darn designations straight, I'm sure we're talking about the same - rear sight on the barrel, protected by wings)which happen to be an Ishapore and a Gibbs 45/70. The S & K is all steel, holds zero and is rock solid. It does require a little wood removal inside the stock's front receiver ring but once everything's tightened up it stays put.

    Cad Technik sells a good mount, but I believe it works on the #4.
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    Hey! Thanks! that was 1 of the mounts I was looking at. There is one in Numrich but I don't know what ring fit. But if you say you like that 1 it I'll tell my customer about it,
    Thanks again,
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