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I was typing this reply to the original .243 question post,http://forums.gunbroker.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=290914, and when I clicked to post it the thread was locked. Since I spend 10 minutes on it I still thought it was worth posting.

quote:Originally posted by awinds
For hunting, I sight my rifles in so that the bullet's path is never more than 1" above or below the line of sight. That gives me a zero point of impact at about 150 - 200 yards. Differs slightly between calibers and bullet weights. I limit my shots to that distance and then "hold right on". Same hold for all my rifles. It works for me.

Hi awinds. What you are doing is making your vital zone 2". The point at which it falls 1" below the line of sight becomes your maximum point blank range (MPBR). If you expand the vital zone based on the game you are after you can dramatically increase your "hold right on" range. In the Shoot sofware they define the following vital zone sizes for game:
-Prairie Dogs/Varmits - 3 inches
-Boar/Goat - 5 inches
-Whitetail Deer - 6 inches
-Buffalo - 10 inches
They also let you define a custom vital zone.

When the load is optimized it gives the max distance at which the bullet is never above or below the line of sight by more than 1/2 the defined vital zone.

Using the .243 75gr V-max I ran the following numbers.
2" vital zone you are using - MPBR is 213 yards with a 185 yard zero
3" vital zone - MPBR is 244 yards with a 210 yard zero
6" vital zone - MPBR is 311 yards with a 265 yard zero

You can see by the numbers that if you are hunting deer and use the 6" vital zone you get almost an extra 100 yards added to the "hold right there" or MPBR distance. With the zero now out at 265 yards it crosses the line of sight for the close range zero at 30 yards, so anywhere between 30 and 265 yards the bullet will be high but never more than 3". With that info you can take a finer bead if necessary.

If what you are doing works for you then you probably don't want to change. I just thought I'd run the numbers because I was curious how much the different vital zone's affected MPBR.



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    quote:I am goign to change it up a little, i found a killer deal on some PMC 80gr, so i will enter that, dont think it will change that much.

    for a 6" vital zone with the 80gr it says 2.57 inches hight at 100m for a 235m zero and a 274m MPBR. For this it should be sighted .1 inch low at 25m.
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    Hi, Wuchak.
    You are right about the kill zone analysis. I just like a smaller kill zone than others. My purpose is to put meat in the freezer with a minimum of meat loss and no blood trailing.
    Just as on the range, I like to hit the bull ( heart) dead center every time. I'll pass up a longer shot where I have to guess the range. Rather pass than wound. Makes me feel good to do a "bang-flop" as often as I can.
    When hunting, if I don't eat it, I don't shoot it or shoot at it.
    But, to each his own.
    Good huntin'
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