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I recently purchased a Dutch Beaumont Vitali M1871/88 and would like to talk to someone about some of its functions and the dizzying array of dates and proof marks stamped on it. I'm sure there's a fabulous amount of history there, if I only understood it :-)

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    This rifle was reworked from a Dutch single shot (M.1871 ) to a 4 round repeater using the Vitali modification. Cal is 11.3 X 52R. Bore is aprox .455-.457". A blackpowder cartridge of semi (?) bottleneck design. New cartridge cases are available for reloading the soft lead bullets which can be cast and lubed/sized.. The /88 is when the reworking to a repeater started on them (1988). It is a fun gun to shoot but reloading dies must be made as I did. The magazine, "Man at Arms" July/Aug 1993 has a good rundown on this rifle.
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