Savage 330

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Do any of you own, or have you owned an early 1970's Savage O/U shotgun that was made in Finland? What do you think of the quality and how does it compare to shotguns today such as Traditions, Mossbergs, etc. Would you consider one (12 GA)in 95% condition to be worth $395? How do/did you like the sliding top cover lock-up?
Thanks for any information and replies.


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    Hello Your shotgun was made in Finland BY Valmet This company later made the model 412 one of the geatest IMHO shooting systems ever made I have one with 4 barrel sets The Quality I think is Better then most people give credit for. As far as the sliding cover some great guns use this system Remington model 32 and 3200 as well as many models of Krieghoff
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