problems with 'the judge'?

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It has back-bitten me twice in 6 outings.
Some spark or hot lead came backwards hitting me near the left eye, leaving a tiny cut.
First time was mixed load (2 410's, 3 45's) so don't know which bit.
Second time it was all 45's.
Any one else experience this?


  • Wehrmacht_45Wehrmacht_45 Member Posts: 3,377
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    Sounds like there might be splitting occurring. Could be an out of time cylinder. Should probably call Taurus on this. I have seen some S&W guns that did this and a little tuning got em running right.
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    Wow, good thing for glasses! My wheel guns "spit" when I use fmj. Have no problems with semi jacketed hp. Fmj feeds great in the leverguns.... Cut a hole in a pizza box for your hand and see which loads spit.
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    Like W45 said: take it to Taurus! You don't want to mess with this kind of problem because you're dealing with very high pressures really close to your face and hands. Let the Taurus Team sort it out for you; they have the expertise and the facilities to ring it out.
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