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I just got a new Keltec .380. Traded in my .32 Keltec. .380 is same size as the .32 but a tad thicker. A handful to shoot especially with performance ammo.


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    [?]So, what is wrong with this gun? Nobody is bidding on any of them.
    I bought another KT 32 so my wife & I will then share mags &ammo, put my near-new .380 up on GB cheap to move---nada, zippo nuttin(yeah, I know-(Would you like some cheese w/ that whine?)!!!
    God bless & have a great day.
    Thanks Spider--It is # 93524589
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    I was looking at a Kel-Tec .380 since woman friend wants something small. I looked at the gun and read the instructions and I don't know if I am reading correctly. Question: The firearm is a DA only and one cannot (at least I couldn't) pull slide back to chamber s first round. What am I missing? Some internal safety lock? Manual states very little about this. Thanks in advance. Franko
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    Very hard to find. I'm considering for a carry gun. Very experienced friend told me the trigger is bad and so is accuracy. I've not held one or shot one. Can anyone shed any light on this? Anybody else having same issues? Model P3-AT is what I'm looking for info on.Any help??
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    Posting the link to your auction might help.
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    If indeed Ruger has taken 87,000 orders for their new .380 due out in a couple of weeks (which is what I hear), then I suspect the market for .380's is pretty well covered for the time being.

    Even if the Ruger is a clone of the KelTec that's a lot of orders.

    Dan R
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    My 2?. If it aint moving, your starting price isn't cheap enough. Our auction is economics 101, i.e. where the fair market value of a firearm is established.

    The Keltec .380 isn't a high dollar collectors pistol, there is a lot of them around. Lot's of these guys are able to get there hands on them, for 10% over dealers cost. Your just wasting your time trying to move a used pistol, at retail or above under those circumstances. If you really want to move it price it at dealer cost, that should bring the bidders out of the woodwork.
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    This advice is free, so take it for what it's worth.

    This is a USED pistol. People want close ups to judge condition. Your photo looks like a stock photo. No close ups of the pistol to show wear or scratches.

    Again, used pistol. Lower you opening price. If you really want to sell it, let the market dictate price. As was perviously stated, Ruger's new pistol has large orders allready. This will squash the desire (at least for now) for a Kel-tec.

    Good luck.
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    quote:Originally posted by shootertutor
    [?]So, what is wrong with this gun? Nobody is bidding on any of them.
    I bought another KT 32 so my wife & I will then share mags &ammo, put my near-new .380 up on GB cheap to move---nada, zippo nuttin

    Looking at your auction:

    I would say the biggest problem is that you have no feed-back. People are reluctant to buy an item, sending their money off to a person they don't know, probably in another State, if that person has no record they can see of selling (or even buying and completing the transaction satisfactorily).

    It wouldn't hurt to state in your auction that you know you are a new seller and have no feedback, but invite people to email you for your contact information before they bid. Be willing to exchange emails and maybe phone calls too with potential bidders to let them see that you are a legitimate seller.

    Regarding what is already mentioned about the pictures. Kel-tec made some changes between their first models and later models, showing the pistol in detail with a number of pictures will give people the ability to see not only the condition, but whether it is an early pistol or not.

    Yes, I know taking, editing and loading pictures is difficult, but it is one of the most important things to do when selling online.

    You also may want to work on your title. You do not have "P3AT" in your title. If someone types that model number into the search box, your pistol will NOT show up in the results. Also make sure you have Kel-Tec spelled both "KelTec" and "Kel-Tec". If you have the space or hyphenated spelling and someone types "KelTec" with no space or hyphen, your auction will not show in the search results.

    People don't search for "thinnest, lightest, smallest" so these words should be left out of your title. Stick to terms likely to be used like "Kel-Tec" "Keltec" "P3AT" "P3-AT" ".380" "380" "380acp" "380auto".
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    They are only $219 + $10 shipping new from CDNN. I think your starting price is at least $50 too high. I have a P-3AT and wouldn't part with it, I also wouldn't give over $180 shipped for a used one.

    My local FFL charges $20 for a transfer, which would put a brand new on in my pocket from CDNN for $249. Your buy it now of $245, +$20 shipping, + $20 FFL = $285, doesn't seem like such a deal. Even if I compare that to Bud's which has them shipped for $275 it still doesn't look so good.
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    Price is too high. $245 + $20 shipping + $20 for ffl fees = $280 for a $250 gun.
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    You now have a bid , I will buy a couple of these , my dist. is out (again) ???
    Thanks !!!
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