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When I shoot short barreled 22 lr autos at a distance of 20 feet I can get a group of 1 to 1 1/2 inches. But when I move back to 40 ft the group opens to 6 inches. When I move back to 25 yards the group may be over 12 inches. This is not proportional. Is it me or the gun? Anyone else have this problem?


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    The group size/distance/moa is a great idea, but the math only comes out right under perfect conditions... More than 2z more time to have outside forces effect it, and now that the target is 2x further, your sights cover 2x more of it, etc. so it is hard to be as precise...

    Does the same happen when you shoot a gun with a scope on it? The scope would add the precision, eliminate focus issues, etc. and would probably be much closer to the calculated values...

    Also don't forget that if your bullet is breaking the sound barrier there may be some destabilization there too.
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    I'll agree with what iwannausername said. That as you increase distance you also increase the size of the sights in proportion to the target. You will need to find a way to fine tune your aiming technique. Like zeroing using one or the other front corner of the front sight post. Also, if you can pick a precise aiming point...don't just hold center mass on a black circle or red square.

    Second, I will ad that as you increase conditions will become more and more of a factor. Wind has a drastic effect on .22lr bullets. Light can also have you moving up/down/sideways on your aiming point. If you can isolate the variables try that. My son has the same problem you do when shooting. When he settles down and does it right he does okay.
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    Thanks for the reply. These guns were not intended for target work, but seem to shoot so well at close range and so poor at distance. Of course I seldom practice with them at 25 yards. So, it may be both me and the gun. I agree that you get a better group when aiming at a spot, not center of mass.
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    How short are you talking about? I carry a 4" ruger 22 and my almost 60 eyes aren't as good as they might be. I expect to hit a squirrel 3 out of 5 at 50-60 feet. With a target sighted 6 1/2" that distance almost doubles.
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    Hi I wanted to ask you What kind of gun are you shooting, how long is the barrel and are you "free handing" it or proping on something
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