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Saw a reproduction rifle at Columbus Ne gun show. Said it was
like the one in Quiqley down under. Shoots a 45 Caliber. The
guy said it can go through armour. Any one shot one here, can
tell me more about it?


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    Mouse, Here is a list of reproduction Sharps rifles that are made by David Pedersoli, you'll see the Quigly model half way down the page:

    Here is another link to a basic history of the Sharps rifle:
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    I think it's a beautiful rifle. Have you fired one?
    Thanks for the sites. Interesting read.
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    I have fired one of these reproductions in caliber .45-70. It was not the "Quigley" variation, which has some added external ornamentation, etc. that made the rifle Tom Sellick used in the movie Quigley Downunder unique.

    The gun weighs in at 12-13 pounds and is long compared to what you might usually use to hunt with. Carrying it in the field, say on a deer hunt, would get old pretty quick, considering the weight and the awkward length. However, these guns will probably drop whatever walks.

    We see them in the special competitions in Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS). They are pretty and they are fun, too! I think they come in various "old" calibers; some of them so big they might seemingly stop a train engine. These guns are generally pretty accurate.
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    Pedersoli makes very nice rifles.
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    The one Tom Selleck used in the movie was a .45-110 with a 34" barrel--most of the repros you see for sale as Quigley models are in .45/70 .45/90 .45/110 .45/120 and .50/90 (Cimarron carries all 5 calibers--Cabelas at the moment only carries 3)
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    Any of the companies [Sharps repros] proofed (prooved?) for smokeless? Thanks, Joe
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    well all of the repros that shoot cartridges can use smokeless powder or black powder--you just have to load up the black powder shells(by the book) or you can buy GOEX Black Dawge factory style blackpowder loads in .45/70 & .45/90 from Cabelas or where you shop-although they are not cheap-the .45/70's start at $26 and the .45/90's start at $55.
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    Well it would be allright for an African hunt if your hunt offers a gunbearer to carry it, My opinion is I would'nt trust it at any more than 250 yards, but then outfitters in Africa rarely let you shoot at 250 yards.

    My 416 Rigby CZ550 weighs 4.7 K.G. is reliable at up to 300 - 500 yard's, my eyesight doesn't let me feel comfortable shooting at much more than 200 - 250 yards even with my Schmidt & Bender 2.5 - 10X56 long range scope.
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