Which 9mm is better?

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I am looking for a cheap 9mm and notice Hi point c9 9mm and Jimenez 9mm hand guns. Which is better? what do you prefer?


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    I will say reluctantly, the Hi Point, tho clunky, seems to reliably go bang, the Jimanez is a rehash of a former maker that was a fire once, swear a lot gun. DO look at the S&W Sigma or a used Ruger. Not much more $ and a whole lot more reliable and durable and will still be worth money at any time in the future. The resale/trade of a Hi Point will be marginal and the Jimanez what it weighs in metal, tho I am unsure what pot metal is worth.
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    If you had a good friend, he would not let you buy either. You would be better off looking at a good used gun, Ruger, Glock, S&W and many others.
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    The Hi Point is a bit heavier so would better hold your rowboat in place when you toss it overboard. [:D]
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    If I had to choose between only those two, I'd also pick the Hi-point, but the question is like would I rather drive a Yugo or a Pinto. I'd really rather not drive either.

    They are both poor choices, and for only *slightly* more money, you can get something a *LOT* better.

    If you want an inexpensive quality 9mm, try checking out surplus Smith and Wesson 9mm police trade ins, Smith Sigma pistols, the Sig p225 German police trade ins, and used Ruger 9mms.

    All of these are good solid reliable guns by top-level manufacturers, made out of good metals that will far outlast those cheap guns from the third tier manufacturers. Many of these can be had for under $300.

    In the $250-300 price range, you've got some decent used Taurus pistols, and *maybe* an older FIE or Springfield Tanfoglio Witness in 9mm.

    They'd be a little lower in my list, but you can also find a number of decent Spanish 9mm luger pistols (eg Star) for around $250, as well as Hungarian Browning copies in that price range,

    $200-250 might get you a Walther P1, which is still better than any Jimenez or Hi Point.

    If you are willing to consider the somewhat weaker 9mm makarov caliber (ie instead of 9mm luger), there are a number of other surplus type guns in the $200 range worth considering, including the PA-63, CZ-82, and others.

    Smith and Wesson model 10 revolvers are really quite good .38 special revolvers that can still be found in used condition for about $200. You'll give up a little bit in capacity and power to a 9mm, but you'll make it up in reliability, and pure shooting joy.
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    I have owned a C9 hi-point for many years, always fires (not to accurate). I use it for when I take a shooter to the range and they are only interested in hearing it go bang. Metal is soft and the slide does wear, but they have a lifetime of free service.

    That being said, I would agree with the answers above that there are now "many" reasonable priced 9mm's out there that can be had for a few extra bucks, and in the long run it is a better gun. At the cost of bullets now days it seems to me that getting a better gun is well worth the money.
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    old45guy..as you can see, you are being hammered (correctly) by the experts for even thinking about buying potmetal, boat anchor "junk" rather than going up a notch and buying a used smith, ruger or colt. Or why not think about buying a Polish P64 in 9mm Markarov? All steel, great shooter, and ammo readily available. The 9mm Markarov is a super round in between the .380 and 9mm and many good new pistols in that caliber are on the market today. It is still the sidearm of the Russian Special Forces. I like the Polish one the best, but the East German and Russian are right behind, and are not that expensive. You have a lot of choices in quality used weapons that wouldn't be too much more than the tincups you are thinking about. But if we can't talk you out of buying junk, one color of Yugo is about like another. Good shooting!
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    +1 on the 9mm makarov guns.
    J&G has some P7's for under 200 bucks
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    +2 on Makarov. Good shooter, small size. reliable.
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    I know there are inexpensive 9 mm out there. I'm an old guy who alway bought for the lifetime and mine is a Browning Hi- Power forevever. A real classic, a keeper, easy to dis-assemble and clean and a great shooter. Hi capacity mags. One gun I will never trade or sell. Bury me with it.
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