Cabela's 10/22 gatling gun?

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The kit that you put two 10/22's in? Are they any good or are they crap?


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    check out you tube.
    i bet the novelty wears off fast
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    i have checked one out closely at a local shop, i think they are just a fad. its just shooting and wasting hard to find ammo with no accuracy do to the lack of sights, and the cheap photography tripods they use are terrible when it comes to strength and accuracy they are made with plastic components. if u rapid fire a semi auto 22lr at those speeds the bullets begin to fly erratic and sideways... NOVELTY ITEM. I will stick to my normal 10/22.
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    They do what they are supposed to do. . .that is to say they actually work, they are BATFE-legal, and they do shoot a lot of .22s fast.

    See here for various 10/22 gatling conversions:

    Is that "good"?

    Personally, I'd *MUCH* rather spend the money on upgrading the 10/22 then shoot the rounds one at a time, but some people are enthralled by full-auto rate fire.

    I do know that these things CAN wear out the stock Ruger barrels pretty fast from overheating.
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    Fired one ...... a fun toy, burn up ammo quickly.....did have a jamming problem. Don't know if the owner ever got it to function without jamming.
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    Looks nice, but $450 PLUS 2 10/22's Is alot of $$ for a novelty item.
    byddy has one and it won't fire more than two rounds per revolution (supposed to fire 4 per)

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    This is not a new thing. I had one in the late 80s,,Didn't work well, if I REMEMBER correctly one of the barrels was cockassed and jammed. nambu
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