Colt Police Positive Special-First edition

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I recently acquire a nickle plated Colt Police Positive Special-1st. edition in .32-20, serial number 119321 which was supposedly manufactured in 1915. How can I determine the year of manufacture short of sending Colt $75.00 for a letter on thsi gun?


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    My serial number pocket guide for Colt indicates this revolver was manufactured in 1914. The top barrel markings should be the patent dates with 1905 being the last date shown. It should have a 4, 5 or 6 inch barrel, smooth top strap, and black hard rubber grips. In top condition it has collector value especially if you have the box and papers. It is not a rare revolver however since "over 199,000" were made from 1907 thru 1943. If you go to the auction side of this web site and do a smart search you can find what has been bid and what prices have been paid for similar models.

    A Colt letter would authenticate it was nickel plated at the factory, but a knowledgeable collector or a gunsmith should be able to tell you with some authority if the nickel plate is original.
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    Thank you mrs102. I really appreciate the information and the where to look information.
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