K43-g43 ac45

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Rifle is built on a milled receiver from the French subcontractor that primarily supplied receivers for the BCD code Gustloff-Werk guns. Walther also incorporated milled receivers from the same source into their production. Any AC45 code "G43" rifle is fairly scarce. Judging by the serial number surveys, about one in ten AC45 rifles is marked G43, and built on a French receiver, so considering that about 40,000 AC45's were built, only 4000 were marked G43. The early 1945 dated guns such as yours, had an additional "K43" stamp applied, but this process seems to have been abandoned after a short time, as the only dual-stamped guns I have seen are all in the no-letter block.


Can anyone add any information on this gun? What would be an appropriate amount to insure this rifle--even though it is not replaceable.


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