Walther P-38 .22LR Value

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Guys,I have this P-38,#330054.
It`s in excellent shape,in the original box,with the test target.
On the right side of the pistol,on the slide,it says 9/69,then foward of that it says Interarms,Alexandria,Virginia.
Just looking for an estimate on how much I can get for this.
Don`t wanna go in blind,and get ripped off.



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    If it's a factory-made .22 and not a conversion, it's a scarce gun. Does it have a steel or alloy frame? What is the barrel length? Can you please post pictures?
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    I`ll try to post some pics this weekend.
    If I measured correctly,the barrel is 2.5"
    I believe it`s steel.It`s magnetic everwhere but around the trigger.

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    My reference identifies these 22 Caliber, ( in the serial number range that you have given ), P 38 pistols as being made with aluminum alloy frames. This would be the lower portion of the pistol, below the upper portion of the pistol that is called the "slide".

    If yours does have a steel frame it would be extremely rare and valuable, as very few of the post WW II production P 38's were made with steel frames.

    If your going to post it on the auction, provide quality photos of the pistol and all accessories that came with it, box, test target, etc. I would place the minimum bid at $500.00. I believe if it's in factory original excellent condition multiple collectors would bid on it, causing the selling price to be much higher.
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