winchester mod 94 30WCF

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In regards to the above gun, ser # 272XXX, built in 1904, how does one know if the barrel is original? The gun seems to be in very good shape, with the wood in excellent condition with a few scratches, and 90% blue on the barrel and no bluing on the receiver or lever. Seems strange to me the bluing difference between the barrel and receiver/lever. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Any idea as to the value? Thanks!


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    94s are often that way being carried in one hand by the receiver.
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    The specific stamped markings on the barrel can be used to identify approximately when it was made. As the years marched on, Winchester continually changed the roll dies they used to stamp the barrels. If you can post a picture of the caliber stamp, and the address stamp on the barrel, I can tell what range of serial numbers correspond to the markings.

    It it not at all strange to find an old Model 1894 with most of the bluing intact on the barrel and magazine tube, but nearly devoid of any bluing on the receiver frame.

    edit: forgot to add... serial number 272000 was manufactured smack dab in the middle of the year 1905 versus 1904.
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