AR15 Aimpoint mount

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What is the best way to mount a Comp M aimpoint on a carry handle Sp1? I have both the mounts available ,one for on top and one that mounts the Comp M in front of the handle. The weapons primary use is for coyotes at dawn and dusk .What are the pros and cons of these mounting systems? Thanks for sharing your knowledge .


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    I found the only important thing is the quality of the mount. I sent back a couple that wiggled too much before finally putting up the big bucks for a California Comp Works dual level optic mount (from Brownells).

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    Thanks Neal,the mount on the Aimpoint is also a Aimpoint brand and the mount base for the top of the handle is an off brand 10 dollar gun show special and the handle mounted forward position base[L bracket] is military contract used GI surplus. Everything is tight and secure but I havn't tried it in the field yet. Using the base that mounts on top of the handle it puts the red dot unit up high but closer to the eye. Using the forward mount base it puts the red dot unit lower and further away from the eye.I can still use the iron sights by opening the flip up caps and looking through the lens .My concern is getting the best performance out of the red dot unit. Thanks, Bob
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    On top of the handle with the Aimpoint supplied rings.
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    aimpoit, GG&G both make good mounts
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