Ruger mark ll 22 pistol

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I have been looking for a reliable 22 pistol. I have a chance to purchase a Ruger Mark ll, NIB, that has a 6" non adjustable barrel with all paper work and original locking case. I understand some of the old Rugers are finicky about ammo. Is this one of them and, if not, what would be the value of this item? Thanks!


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    i don't know who has been feeding you info but the ruger 22 autos (std, mkI, MkII and MkIII are probably the most reliable and leasr finicky about ammo of any 22 autos
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    Ruger Mk II's are excellent pistols, shouldn't have any ammo problems as long as you stick with the high velocity stuff.

    Their very common pistols, that Ruger made over quite a number of years. Your best bet for current fair market value is the on-line auctions. Check the actual selling prices for them, to get a handle on their current value.
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    Only issues I've had with my Mk II has been mag related. Cheap replacements don't work so well, factory mags work great and are only a dollar or two more each.

    You may also want to look at the Browning Buckmark...
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    As others have stated, Ruger MKII's are great. [^]
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    If it look like a 22LR it should feed through a MarkII, I have ran everything through mine. Like others said, stick with factory mags. One of the best guns ever made and most fun too.
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    I have the daddy of your gun- the original Standard Auto. Bought in in 1971, was still shooting it last weekend. Great little pistols- mine has shot at LEAST a pickup truck load of ammo.
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    GREAT handgun. i have 3
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    I have a MkII target with the heavy tapered barrel. Like countryfarmer stated, if it looks like 22LR my Ruger will shoot it. You shouldn't have any problem with yours if you choose to purchase it.
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    Stop looking, you found the pistol! All great replies here on your questions. What is the price on this one you found?
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    The nasty secret is they are a PITA to disassemble/assemble for cleaning. Otherwise Mark IIs are nice shooters.
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    Got a Ruger MK II with a 5.5" bull barrel for my 27th birthday. Some 23+ years and 50,000+ rounds, still shoots anything I feed it.

    The only difficulty I ever had with it was cleaning the crud out of it after shooting several boxes of Federal bulk ammo though it.
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