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I have been looking at the auction listings of S & W model 66 .357 magnums of the snub noise type 2.5 in barral and have seen listings that mention the revolver as being pinned and recessed. What exactly does that mean? I assume some model of this revolver don't have this feature. Can somone please explain this.


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    Prior to 1981 S & W put a pin through the frame and barrel to hold the barrel in position. Also the chambers were counterbored for the cartridge rims.

    After 1981 both of these extra manufacturing steps were dropped, as a money savings thing, i.e. to make manufacturing cheaper.
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    Rufe-Snow, would you know if a model 66-3 has this? and is this suppose to make it more structurally better then other models?
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    The Smith Standard Catalog indicates pinning barrels and recessed cylinders was discontinued in 1982.

    A 66-3 would NOT have these features as they were not built until 1986.
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    Don't let the lack of these features cause you to not get a mod 66. The 66 is still a great revolver. If it were me, I would at least reconsider the idea of a barrel length shorter than 4". The .357 mag losses some of it's punch with the snubbie barrels.
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    I keep my 66 2 1/2in loaded with 38+P'S. They are just as good for home defence as 357's in the shorter barrel my opinion.
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    Pinned / recessed or not, the S&W 66 is one great revolver. [^]
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    The Maryland DOC still uses the Smith and Wesson Model 66 in .38 and they are definetely very reliable and extremely durable. These revolvers have been in use for many, many years with thousands of rounds fired each year for training and qualification purposes. They withstand the abuse dished out and have never failed to perform. You can't go wrong with any of the S&W Model 66, they are top notch revolvers.
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    This is my 66-1, great gun

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    Suasponta...I keep three pistols near me at all times, and one is a Smith 4" 66 loaded with .38+p's. One of the best guns Smith has ever made, IMHO. Accurate, reliable, and one just can't go wrong with it. I bought mine used from the San Diego CA Sherrifs Dept years ago and it still works like the day it came out of the Smith factory! I enjoy running .357's through it from time to time at the range and it handles everything AOK, but I to get the best out of it takes the longer barrel. Anyway, any barrel length in a 66 is a winner. Good shooting!
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    Model 66 F-Comp performance center 3" , lew horton. Made 300 of them

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