Model 96 cut down or model 38 Swede

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Thanks to Gary Wray for the info on 5/20/09 but I'm not sure now what I have, a 96/38 or a 38? Rifle was made by Husqvarna in 1942,serial number range 668,800,barrel is 23 1/2" long,rear sight is
numbered from 2 to 6 (100 or 1000 meters?) however it has a straight bolt and the bolt numbers match the serial no.So if someone would be kind enough to tell me what I have based on this information.thanks Dave


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    If it's a Husqvarna, and dated 1942, it's a Model 38.
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    Dear Dave...Rufe has it right, if its Husky and 1942 with the short barrel then it's a Model 38. The sight is a Type 2, 200-600m and is correct for the M38. As to the straight bolt, one answer might be that the rifle had been through a rebuild in which case the bolt would have to be numbered to the rifle to show that proper headspacing had been done. Since all Swedes 96/38's bolts are interchangable, a straight bolt was used in your rifle and properly headspaced and then correctly numbered to the receiver. Sometimes this work can be seen under the glass and the old # can be made out, but not all the time. But all M38's left the Husqvarna factory with the proper turned down bolts. Hope this helps. Good shooting!
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    Thanks Gary, your information has been a big help.I have really gotten hooked on swedish 6.5's,the quality is outstanding and unlike some other countries they took excellent care of their military weapons.I'm suprised that the web site "HOUSE of KARLINA" does'nt have any info on Model 38"s. Dave
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    Dave...thanks for the kudos and welcome to the Swedish mauser game! I have been in it for 30 years and enjoy it every minute. From the little 94 carbines to the M96, 96/38, 38's, AG42 and the snipers.. they are all addictive! I have quite a few mausers from all over the world, but I consider the Swedes to be the best built mausers in the world and certainly some of the best shooters. My friends think I am crazy with "Swedish mania" but they are a real history lesson if nothing else. For example, being able to read the stock disc and know what the story that it is telling about the rifle. No other rifle in the world has its barrel condition listed on the stock! So, again, welcome to the world of the Swedes! Good shooting!
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    I love the Swedes too.
    I have four of them.
    I bought my first in 1990.
    A gun store in Atlanta had 150 of these beautiful military rifles on the rack in the middle of the floor.
    I asked the guy what the deal was.
    He told me these were Swedish Mausers, just released on the surplus market by the Swedish government.
    I had never heard of a Swedish Mauser.
    They had good ones for $100, better ones for $125, and the best for $150.
    Well, I bought one for $100, it looked pretty good to me.
    I also bought a green battle sleeve of 200 shots for $75.
    While I was in the store, 3 other Swedes went out the door.

    I went back 2 weeks later, the floor rack was still full of beautiful Swede Mausers!
    The guy told me, "We have 400 more in the back room."
    So I bought another, this time I bought the $125 model.

    Those were the good old days.
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