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Ruger P89X Recoil spring for 30 Luger

lcdrdanrlcdrdanr Member Posts: 439 ✭✭✭
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Back in 1991, Ruger sold a convertible P89 catalogued as the P89X which had a drop in 30 Luger Barrel and conversion guide rod and recoil spring. Looking at the owners manual, the conversion guide rod was not tapered but was a constant diameter along its length and the spring was the same diameter for its entire length.

I have had two of these conversions but neither had a recoil rod and spring like that shown in the manual. And, neither one of them would operate properly, they always stovepiped the 30 luger round. I still have a barrel but do not have the factory recoil rod/spring for it.

Okay, I tried to order one from Ruger but, although it is still catalogued, the parts department no longer carry anything, neither the rod nor the spring.

Anyone run into this issue? Any suggestions or solutions?

I'm considering buying a recoil calibration pack of springs from Wolff Springs. The factory standard for the 9mm is an 11 lb spring, I don't know what the 30 luger standard is (Ruger is most un-helpful). Wolff has a reduced power set of springs in 8, 9, and 10 lb that may work but I don't know what the taper/non taper of guide rod and spring may effect. Obviously, the engineers at Ruger had a reason for doing that back in '91. And, although I'm sure the 30 Luger is less powerful than the 9mm so it may be that even the reduced power springs won't work properly.

Okay, I don't really know why I am wanting to do this just to shoot an underpowered, nearly obsolete and expensive caliber but......... !!

Any help would be appreciated

Dan R


  • perry shooterperry shooter Member Posts: 17,390
    edited November -1
    I think you are on the right track with a spring KIT> However I would contact Brownell's Tech dept there may be some other makes of 9MM pistols that have conversion units .. I think Ruger may of made up 2 springs and 2 guide rods so you could tell them apart and install the set you needed I think standard guide rod would be Fine. I have a 1911 Colt with the availability to fire 8 different cartridges on the same frame.
  • 1022man1022man Member Posts: 512 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    Rather than just buying the pack, just ask Wolf and see what they say, they have been most helpful to me in the past.
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