SKS stove piping issue...

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I have built a Yugo sks and took it for its first play time at the range. For hours I kept having issues with it stove-piping the empty casing after it would fire and attempt to cycle another round. One of the 'special treats' I have for it is some TAPCO mag's. Would these be the problem? I've seen some videos on YouTube of guys using the same poop and had no issues. Where is the problem here? Maybe type of ammo? Help!


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    Sorry, I can't figure out what your post means.

    Please tell us exactly what you have, what you have done to it, & what is happening. Even better, post photos.

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    Re-install the original factory mag, and try again.

    BTW, the "hi-cap" aftermarket mags tend to run 90+% junk, as far as reliability goes.
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    #1- Clean chamber very well, cosmoline can be hard to get out and even a thin film can hinder extraction and ejection. Also check chamber for roughness, rust, etc.

    #2- Clean piston & gas tube and make sure that gas port in barrel doesn't have carbon build up in it.

    Although it is possible that the stronger springs in the hi capacity magazine could be adding too much resistance and causing the bolt and carrier to short cycle I would suspect one of the other items first.
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    Yugo SKS's with the integral grenade launcher, are notorious for having the problem you describe. Click on this link it gives information about this chronic problem and how to fix it.

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    Make sure gas is proper and all the way in position.

    Put the factory mag back on.

    Be sure it is 100% cleaned and then properly reoiled for use (not storage).
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    As Rufe said- IF your rifle has the grenade launcher gas valve, they are frequently the culprit when action does not cycle, or short cycles. They seem to be the weak point for corrosive primed ammo. Read the article.
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    When you go to surplusrifle.com there is a tip on making a small wire loop to help seal the gas piston.It cures 99% of Yugos with the problem you are having.
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    Also, sounds silly, but make sure the action spring is installed correctly. If its put in backwards that can contribute to reliability issues.
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