Cooper mod.52 Classic 338-06

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I am trying to track down this rifle for my husband as an anniversary present. I heard through a local gun shop that this business is being sold or changing hands. Any word on this and where I might be able to locate a Cooper like the one described above? Thank you for the assistance! PS- I don't shoot, etc. so I am not familiar with much of the terminology.



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    Cliffs Guns has one in stock for $1675. Ph. 208-375-8694. I cant find one on the GB auctions.
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    The business you heard about Cooper was in regard to the owner Dan Cooper who decided to spout off in the media that he was supporting Barack Obama for President. Now of course this is America and a person is totally free to vote for whomever they feel like voting for but it sure isn't a wise idea to support a blatantly anti gun politician while at the same time you are in the business of selling guns--and then expect the same gun owners to support you. In the span of about a week of it getting out the Cooper was supporting Obama he was basically forced out of his own company by his Board of Directors because of the backlash from the gun owning public. You can read more about it and the discussions we all had on here in this link. http://forums.gunbroker.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=332337&SearchTerms=cooper
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    What a spouse!!

    Hendershots.net, L & M Enterprises, and First Stop Gun all carry many Coopers. L & M and First Stop have a number of listings on {elsewhere}, but I do not know if they have a 338-06.
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    Hendershot's at Hendershots.net and listed on {elsewhere} has a 338-06 in the Cooper 52 for $2900.

    Also, Cliff's has the one listed by a previous poster.
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