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Selling Ammo

LoveGuns34LoveGuns34 Member Posts: 3 ✭✭
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I am new to this site and have a a bunch of ammo to sell.. Can someone provide me a little guidance as to specific restrictions. I am not a FFL person just a person who enjoys guns and shooting. Thank you all and happy shooting..


  • flyingtorpedoflyingtorpedo Member Posts: 1,301 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Welcome to the forums.
    Here is how to ship ammo. Do NOT use the postal service!

    "We go through this every time someone wants to ship ammunition. Here is the official code:

    How to ship ammunition.

    Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49, Part 173 173.63

    Packaging exceptions (b) Cartridges, small arms, and cartridges power devices.

    (1) Cartridges, small arms and cartridges power devices (which are used to project fastening devices) which have been classed as a Division 1.4S explosive may be reclassed, offered for transportation, and transported as ORM-D material when packaged in accordance with paragraph (b)

    (2) of this section; such transportation is excepted from the requirements of subparts E (Labeling) and F (Placarding) of part 172 of this subchapter.

    Cartridges, small arms, and cartridges power devices that may be shipped as ORM-D material is limited to:

    (i) Ammunition for rifle, pistol, or shotgun;

    (ii) Ammunition with inert projectiles or blank ammunition;

    (iii) Ammunition having no tear gas, incendiary, or detonating explosive projectiles;

    (iv) Ammunition not exceeding 12.7 mm (50 caliber or 0.5 inch) for rifle or pistol, cartridges or 8 gauge for shotshells; and

    (v) Cartridges power devices which are use to project fastening devices. (

    2) Packaging for cartridges, small arms, and cartridges power devices as ORM-D material must be as follows:

    (i) Ammunition must be packed in inside boxes, or in partitions which fit snugly in the outside packaging, or in metal clips;

    (ii) Primers must be protected from accidental initiation;

    (iii) Inside boxes, partitions or metal clips must be packed in securely-closed strong outside packagings;

    (iv) Maximum gross weight is limited to 30 Kg (66 pounds) per package; and

    (v) Cartridges, power devices which are used to project fastening devices and 22 caliber rim-fire cartridges may be packaged loose in strong outside packagings.

    Part 172 (Marking) 172.316 Packagings containing material classed as ORM-D

    (a) Each non-bulk packaging containing a material classed as ORM-D must be marked on at least one side or end with the ORM-D designation immediately following or below the proper shipping name of the material (Cartridges, Small Arms). The ORM designation must be placed within a rectangle that is approximately 6.3 mm (0.25 inches) larger on each side that the designation.

    (b) The marking ORM-D is the certification by the person offering the packaging for transportation that the material is properly described, classed, packaged, marked and labeled (when appropriate) and in proper condition for transportation according to the applicable regulations of this subchapter

    So, basically you need to label the box on the end as ORM-D inside a square box you have drawn, then print #698;Cartridges, Small Arms#698; UPS illustration using #698;Consumer Commodity#698; (change to #698;Cartridges, Small Arms#698;) UPS hazardous/restricted items section @ 1-800-554-9964.

    If you do this frequently, you can buy these labels from a label printing company such as If you do this infrequently, you can make your own stickers and print them out on your computer/printer.

    From the link:
  • gumbydamnitgumbydamnit Member Posts: 790 ✭✭
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    Just don't forget to post a link to tour auctions in the general discussion forum, so we all can take a look [;)].
  • nmyersnmyers Member Posts: 16,793 ✭✭✭✭
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    There are state/local restrictions on some/all ammo. Plus, there could be personal liability issues if you ship to a minor. You need to check State Laws & Published Ordinances - Firearms (ATF P5300.5) downloadable from the ATF website before shipping.

    In all cases, I would request a photocopy of the buyers drivers license.

  • LoveGuns34LoveGuns34 Member Posts: 3 ✭✭
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    Thank you all. Looks like I have some homework to do.
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