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What should I do with a seller that did not have

Aeromat209Aeromat209 Member Posts: 2 ✭✭
edited March 2011 in Ask the Experts
The product he said was instock and for sale and when I won the auction he said his partner in the business sold the item in the shop the day before the auction ended? The seller said he had one coming in a week . I asked if he had a model like the sale item that hgad different sights . The seller said it would be a 30 dollar upcharge and not a problem After that week he said the item would be available in another week. I decided to buy another item and now the seller has reported me as a non paying buyer. IThe seller said he was going to have to eat the seller fee for a gun that he didn't sell . I responded to find out how much the auction fee was and no response!

I looked over the Customer service site to contact Gunbroker for help but can't find the proper route for help!
I hope I have not vio;ated any rules but I have not mentioned the sellers name or ID!
Any advice welcome!


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