32 cal seneca?

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I've came across a muzzelloader at a local gun show, being a t/c nut and wanting to collect some of the good ones, I have found what a guy say's is a 32 cal seneca. Tha gun has all the brass trim of a seneca, but the barrel is only stamped 32 cal. Can anyone tell me if thompson center made a 32 seneca. Thank you in advace. tc nut


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    I have a 1996 Blue Book and it only list .36 or .45 cal. for the Seneca rifle.But they could be wrong.Call Fox Ridge this is the Thompson Custom Shop in Rochester N.H.call 800-243-4570.

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    It's been quite a few years ago but I had one for a short period. I could not get it to group with round balls. TC's guns have all been best when fed maxi or mini balls. I sold it and bought a .36 Pennsylvania flinter. Much better[:D] For me anyway. The coupe times I shot some maxies in it it did fine. I just like round balls. It is all in what you like. Good luck. Ed

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