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upinyeupinye Member Posts: 68
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Can anyone give me the skinny on the rear sight that would be correct for M1 Garand rifle made November 1942??? I have read about type 2 [round end lock bar] and type 3[square end lock bar] Is there a type 1?? What are the chances of finding the correct rear sight for my Springfield M1,and what kind of money are we looking at?? Thanks in advance for any info.......Steve



  • mark christianmark christian Forums Admins, Member, Moderator Posts: 24,462 ******
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    An M1 made in November of 1942 could have either of two lock bar rear sights- refered to as type 2 or type 3 sights- as there was some over lap. The earliest type 2 lock bar rear sight was introduced at around serial #530,000 and used a long pinion with a 6-40 NF thread pitch and the rounded bar. Use of these early sights on new production ended at around serial number 1 million. At the same time, around serial number 550,000 a second type- the type 3 lock bar was introduced with an 8-36 NF thread pitch and used the flatter shaped bar. This sight was used through the end of WWII production.

    There was indeed a type 1 lock bar rear least sort of. The original rear sight on the first half million M1's used the "flush nut" rear sight which needed a tool to loosen and then tighten it for adjustment. Not exactly a handy set up in a combat situation. The type 1 was simply a lock bar which was a direct replacement for the existing flush nut on the rear sight. This tended to fall off and was quickly superceded by the type 2 lock bar- the first of which used the short pinion but was quickly chnaged to the new long pinion, although still using the old 6-40 tread pitch. Are you confused yet?

    You should actually have no real problem finding a correct type 2, long pinion, lock bar rear sight for your M1 (I believe that sight is correct for your rifle). Check out the gun shows in your area or some of the major players in the Garand collectable world like Scott Duff Probably around $100 for a type 2 and a bit less for a type 3. Winchester rear sights are a totally different animal so what I've told you applies to Springfield. Feel free to e-mail me if you have specific M1 questions. I already have 10 guys doing this so one more won't kill me!

    Mark T. Christian
  • upinyeupinye Member Posts: 68
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    Thanks Mark, This is the third time you have professionally answered my questions about M1 Garand....told me everything I needed to know each time!! I realize this takes a lot of your time and just to let you know I certainly APPRECIATE it!! THANKS AGAIN...

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