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Hey folks Ill ask this here and on the experts

I got a m4 a month or so ago here on the gb site and love it but it came with a muz.break and i want to change it so heres my does it screw on and off it looks like it would but I dont want to mess with untill I here from a few of you.and if it does how hard is it to do or should I send it to a gunsmith.,



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    That is a good question. it depends if it is pre or post ban. if it is model XM15 E25 M4 then it is a postban model an has the muzzle brake welded on. to verify this there should be a slight blemish on the the top of the muzzle brake just in front of the wrench flats where a hole was drilled and a pin was incerted,welded, and then ground down. This can be drilled or wired out and the muzzle brake threaded off but it will leave a hole to the inside of your barrel. BEST LEFT TO A GUN SMITH (A GOOD ONE)

    If it is a pre ban model then the muzzle brake or flash supressor can be threaded off with a armors wrench and a barrel or action vice. the flash supressors and muzzle brakes are usually spaced with a crush or peal washer and are turned on snuggly to propper timing but if it dose not brake lose with moderate presure,stop and take it to a gun smith or reverify its not a post pan before contiuing.

    GOOD LUCK[:)]
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