rem. 11-87 gas seal "o" ring size

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there is a rubber "o" ring on the remington 11-87 magazine tube that acts like a gas seal. anyone know what size this rubber "o" ring is. thanks for any input.



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    "what size this rubber "o" ring is. thanks for any input."... you need a ring spicificly mgf. for this. brownell's sells them ( part # 767-158-990 $5.43)(no you cann't go to napa and buy one). I had one come into my shop once that about drove me nuts, it wouldn't fire but every thing looked fine. untill I checked the 'o' ring, someone had put a std. one on and it just wouldn't work.
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    i recently ran into the same problem with my 1100 magnum! someone had put an auto parts store o-ring on it. when the barrel was attached to the weapon the trigger wouldnt fire, and when the barrel was detached from it the trigger would fire! IMHO always buy brownells o-rings for your autoloader remington shotguns. do this and you will never have a cycling problem with your remington. keep the gas system clean as well. best
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    Chamber gases that cycle the action in an 1100 are extremely hot..The "O" ring used to seal against these gases must be compounded to withstand the heat and the pressure... A NAPA "O" ring is a malfunction waiting to happen...
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    The size can be matched up using a set of vernier calipers. Measure up the thickness of the o ring, and then the diameter of your magazine tube. Actually if you buy a factory o ring, use it to determine the size. The material/compound that your o ring is made of will determine the longevity of it. An SBR natural rubber compound will last about 100 shots if you are lucky. these are the auto parts variety. Nitrile will last about three times more than that. It is the cleaning solvents and lubricants, that will break them down. The real good o rings, and Remington even sells one as a copmetition accessory, is the VITON o ring. I am fortunate enough to work a company that makes all kinds of industrial seals...including different compounds of o rings. The Viton will go for 1000 rounds or more.
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    Weird as it sounds, the correct gas seal ring will stand up to everything, EXCEPT Hoppes #9 solvent. Good old #9 solvent will soften it to the point it will easily be damaged when removing and installing the barrel for cleaning.
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