Is folding stock legal

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I have a French MAS, bolt action, model 1936 paratrooper rifle. It has an aluminum folding stock. When the stock is folded the length is 25 1/4", I would like to list this for sale but I'm unclear whether it's legal.


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    This problem pops up from time to time with the US M1A1 paratrooper carbine, which is also a bit under 26" in length with the stock folded. The BATF took the position long ago that as long as the stock remains attacted to the rifle (folded only- not removed) and the barrel was over the 16" minimum length, these firearms were exempt from the 26" regulation. I have an M1A1 Carbine myself and it measures about 25-1/2" with the stock folded- they all do. Your MAS is okay as it is...just don't remove the stock.

    Mark T. Christian
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