Southern Ohio Guns?

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Has anyone ever delt with these folks? They were listed in a previous thread however I didn't want to fill a thread with an seemingly unrelated post.



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    Never a problem with them.
    All transactions went smooth.
    Everything I have bought arrived in better conditon than was discribed.
    MY FFL has an account with them and his FFL is on their file so that makes it easy for me.

    A Grumpy Old Man
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    S.O.G. is a great place. My old mans gun shop used to deal a lot with them, never a problem. Just one tip though, when they have the "bargin bin" used gun deals, pay for the "hand select" option. It's only a small extra "fee" but you usually get a gun in much better shape.
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    Made my first purchase from them back in Feb., 1988 when I purchased a Rossi revolver and a TEC-9 pistol. I've delt with them ever since and have had no problems at all during this time.

    Mark T. Christian
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    Good company and have no complaints.
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    Been doing business with them for years. What others have posted above is true. Only problem that I have had is back ordering. If they back order something then check out Century because that is where SOG gets most of their stuff. If Century doesn't have it then expect SOG to have it on back order for a long while. They will call you though when it does come available. SOG is a first rate company to do business with.
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    We have dealt with SOG for over 10 years and their service has been excellent.
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    Never a problem with them.
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    Agreed that SOG is a good place to do business. Just be certain to have an FFL on file before you order anything.



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    Me too! I've gotten a few great deals of good guns through them.
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    I have never heard of any trouble with them. One note though- they don't let you pick guns up in person. AIMsurplus, one of their competitors, and a fairly nearby one at that, does. AIM also lists all guns in stock on their websight, SOG isn't very good about this.

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