Class III Firearm Registration Form Question!

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Having recently acquired two class III registered items, an UZI SMG and Detachable suppressor, I have a question.
The Federal Registration with "Stamp" and Owners picture; is a very important document and needs to be in safe keeping.
Can I leave it in my safe or safety deposit box and take a "copy" along when I take the items to the range?
Does the copy have to be a colored copy.
Can I shrink it and use a wallet size copy (both sides)?
Any other recommendations or suggestions of any merit, regarding class III ownership would REALLY be appreciated.

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    I really hope some Class 3 dealer jumps in and answers with proof positive because my understanding is that the original is kept safe and a copy is carried unless carried across state lines (with needed LEO approval of course). I carry a suppressed Ruger MKII regularly with just a copy of the stamp as prescribed by the Class 3 dealer I purchased from quite a while ago.

    I guess both of us need a definitive answer on this!
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    I keep my originals in the bank safety deposit box. I have B&W full size copies in my gun safe. I also carry reduced (5X&7) copies with the guns. This isn't enough to go out of state. There is another permission form that has to be issued for every trip. If nobody offers the number tonight, I'll post it tomorrow.

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    It's too late for me, save yourself.
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    For interstate travel individuals need an approved Form 5320 and a copy of their Form 1,4, or 5 showing ownership and approved registration. If you hold a C&R license and have a NFA Weapon on the C&R list, you don't need the Form 5320, just a copy of your C&R and registration. Those who are dealers may travel with our NFA Weapons anywhere they are legal with only an FFL and proof of registration. NEVER NEVER NEVER let your original out of its safe storage area! Keep it locked up tight, it is the only true proof of your registration. If you loose your original you can't count on the BATF getting you a duplicate within your life time- you could already be in prision by the time they came through for you- if they ever would. I always carried notorized copies of my registration forms and never ran into trouble...even out here in California.

    Mark T. Christian
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    Thanks Duckhunter. I'll await your info. Have a good show in Tulsa. My schedule won't let me go. Darn
    Regarding Copying Registration.
    Kinko's refused to make a colored copy (same size, as they said it would be illegal to copy the Tax Stamp in original color and original size.
    I showed them the serial #, written across the stamp-was same as the serial number of the weapon and thus would not do anyone else any good.
    So, then they said they would. I didn't right then, because I wanted to check the legality, myself.
    Mark-Do you feel the "notarized" signature is necessary, by law?
    I just want to do what is required and be done with it.
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    The copy does not need to be notorized by law. Kinko's was probably covering their behind since it is a violation of Federal law to make actual sized, color copies or photographs of UNCANCELED US stamps of any sort- including postage- with monetary value. This would be considered counterfitting, but canceled stamp should not have been a problem. If it were not canceled (and I've NEVER seen an uncanceled NFA Tax Stamp), the stamp would have to have either a line or some other type of defacing mark across it horizontally or be of different than actual size.

    Mark T. Christian
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