Standard Arms SA-9

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Anybody got one? How is reliability and built?

Does mfr still exist?

Can it take any other mags?

Thinking about getting another carry gun and there is a SA-9 that's really cheap. And I hope it's not Jennings cheap, if you know what I mean. Looks like a copy o a Keltec P11.

Thanks, GD


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    I have a standard arms pistol that does not fire reliably and sometimes not at all.Does anyone no anything about these pistols can they be fixed?Also are they still in business they had a number on the waranty but when I called it it was a different company's line.Any help would be appriciated.
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    I am sorry to tell you that the company went out of business a couple of years ago. Back in 1996, Lorcin Arms was faced with 18 law suits and about $32 million in damage claims. The company had 18 employees at that time and founder, Jim Waldorf, simply filed for Chapter 11, shut the doors, and left the courts and his creditors to sort it all out. In 1998, after the heat was off, he opened Standard Arms and picked up where he left off. Unfortunitly the company feel onto hard times and its one product, the SA9 (which sold for about $130 dealer cost) was far from a reliable pistol and the warranty claims were killing the business. In 2000, when the SA9 could not be certified for sale in California, Standard lost out on the nations largest handgun market and the rest is history. Hang in there, Waldorf may be back with another firearms company, but I doubt they'd honor your SA9 warranty.

    Mark T. Christian
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    Although this pistol falls into the category of Junque, it is pretty straightforward mechanically. I guess you know how to disassemble it? If not, remove the magazine, pull back and lock the slide to the rear with the hold open lever, check the chamber. Now, pry out the silver-colored cross bolt that is aligned in the large notch near the front left of the slide, and controlling the slide with one hand, release the hold open lever and remove the slide from the front of the frame. Now, when you pull the trigger, nothing should happen. With one thumb, push the internal hammer about 1/4 inch toward the rear, and this will allow it to connect with the sear and you should be able to make the hammer fall repeatedly when you pull the trigger. If this works, and the face of the hammer does not appear to be deformed, your problem is in the firing pin/firing pin channel/firing pin spring area. You can remove the firing pin and spring from the rear of the slide by removing the retaining screw (hex-type) located on top of the slide in front of the rear sight. Odds are that you will discover a firing pin with a bit of the tip broken off, but it could also be crud in the firing pin channel or a weakened spring. You can probably obtain a firing pin from the Numrich Gun Parts Corp. If not, most competent gunsmiths can make a firing pin.
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