help with scope mount for revolver

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I will be mounting a Leupold 2x on my Dan Wesson 357. Should I get the clamp on mount or have it drilled and tapped (if thats possible)? Thanks for your help and knowledge.


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    B-S clamp on will work if set up right on a 357.
    I have the for sale.
    However, if you're a rough & tumble shooter, then get it D & T'd.
    I bang out a 445 Super Mag, and the only thing that works on that little cannon it D & T'd bases.

    Happy Bullet Holes!
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    The B-square are fine, have one on my 357, cheaper than dirt has them, my 44mag came drilled and tapped from the factory, you might want to have tem do your gun to. I think it's like $60 including the scope mount.
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