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Thinking of putting a new barrel on my old 722 rem. Don't know if I want to stay with same cal. 222 or move up to a 223. has a 26 inch standard bbl. on it ,would like a med. weight varmit bbl. Any body have any idea's on this.


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    Either caliber is good, if you want a barrel made, there are a lot of manufacturers out there. The barrel should be interchangable with the 700-series Remingtons if I remember correctly.

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    It will likely cost as much as the rifle is worth. That may not be a problem for you, but such changes are not really cheap. It will likely require a re-blue as well, because the vise almost always mars the bluing.
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    There are a couple of ways to think about this.
    - You can buy a pre-threaded, short chambered, Remington factory contour Shilen barrel from Brownells for $206.25/CM or $291.25/SS. Your gunsmith will have to finish reaming the chamber for proper headspace but it will eliminate most of his time for threading and cutting the whole chamber. The CM is not blued so you will have to figure in the cost of bluing. The contour is supposed to closely match that of the original barrel unless as in your case, you go up in size and then the barrel channel will have to be opened up also. Check their catalog or go online.
    - Lothar-Walther in Georgia will pre-chamber long and contour for Remingtons and your gunsmith will just have to set the two shoulders and boltnose space back a pinch.
    - Pac-Nor will do the same, long chamber/contour.
    - Contact a barrel maker or gunsmith and see what they charge for the whole process. It should run between $350.00 and $500.00 complete.

    There is no reason not to re-barrel, it's done all the time. You don't have to buy a new rifle to get a new barrel, that is unless you want to! Lots of the aftermarket barrels are better than the original factory barrel anyway. Price does equate to quality in most cases. Cheap barrel are exactly that, cheap.


    www.pac-nor.com (I think)

    Use a search engine and ask for "barrel makers", there are dozens believe it or not!
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    Boltaction, my post was not left to disuade you from re-barreling, but simply to point out that it will not be a $100 solution. If you love that fine old 722 do it. I currently have an H&R out being rechambered and rebarreled, and it too will cost what the rifle is worth. Worth it to me, and probably to you.
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    A custom stainless barrel will increase your adoration of that rifle. [:)]

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