Ted Williams Shotgun Shells

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I know Sears hasn't produced any guns or ammo for some time. I am trying to figure the age and worth of some Sears Ted Williams shotgun shells I have. One full box 16 guage Sportload and one almost full of 16 guage filed load. I can send photos.


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    I never collected shotgun shells and haven't followed the value of the Sears stuff because it does not command a huge premium, but if you check the listings on this site and AA under collectible ammo, you should find enough lots to give you some idea. Bear in mind that in dealing with boxes of ammo, condition of the box is very critical unless an item is quite scarce, which this is not. Best prices obviously for material which looks as though it was made yesterday, but it drops off quickly from there for something such as this which is no longer manufactured but relatively common.
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    Federal made most of the shells for sears from the 50's and 60's they also made them for other hardware chains and Montgomery Wards etc
    the "sportload" was from the mid 50's to late 60's and before 1968 it was easy to order them and they were at a good price. They do not have any special value beyond there shoting value although the 410s would be a little more sought after. To have value shotshells need to have birds , dogs or people in funky hunting clothes!!
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