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Would like some feedback on the Baretta 9000 S 9mm. I was in the gun shop the other day and the dealer was trying to sell me one for $530. Thnaks for the info.


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    $530 seems kinda high to me but they are a fine weapon. Look around on gunbroker here and they are selling for under $400. You might just go ahead and bid on one here at GB.com and have it transfered through a local FFL and save a bit of money.
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    How are you doing, the berettas are known for excelent quality and craftmenship, the 9000 was given a good write-up in gun test, and then it stems down to personal prefrence, whether you like a compact or mid size or full size and what your needs are, the price is not to bad, but I`m sure with a little work you can find a better price, check some different auction web sites.

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    Only complaint I have with the Beretta 9000 pistols is that their slides seem to small for me, heightwise. There just is not enough for me to grab on to, to rack the slide. I really don't have large fingers either.


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    I love mine it's .40 cal and I paid 399.00 at my local shop, it was a once used range gun with 250 rounds thru it.
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    Quality fire arm. You will have a fine fire arm if you purchase. My 2 cents [8D]

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