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Just purchased a Rossi 22mag. S.S. 4in barrel in 98% condition. Any one had any experience with the Rossi guns, good or bad. Some opinions please. Thanks


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    The newer ones are very nice for the money, the older ones are questionable, to say the least.

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    A buddy of mine has a Rossi .357 and really likes it.
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    I bought a .38 Rossi snub 12 years ago for $150 new. This is a great little gun. I have put a couple boxes of shells through it. It is tight, reliable.
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    Never had a bad one.[:)]

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    Never had a good one. But I only had one. The best I can say is that they are cost effective. Quality control has always been an issue with the Rossi handguns. IF you got a good one, you got a good one; if you got a bad one, sell it to somebody you don't like and buy something else.

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    Thanks for the opinions on the Rossi. Bought this one for my wife to use to reduce the snake population on the lake that we live on. She had a Ruger new model single six, did not like the single action on it,[also a 22mag]. Her other gun is a Colt Detective Special, but the short barrel is not as effective with the shot shells. Thanks for the feedback.
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    punchie: I agree with your assessment. I have a Rossi snub nose 38 special 5 shot. It used to work well but started jamming and the cylinder locked up and the gun would not fire no matter what i did. It has done this 2 times now so my wife will not use it for self-defense as it is unreliable.

    yankee Bob: I use the above gun with snake shot (CCI shotshell) to kill snakes and it still jams up!! I'll never buy another Rossi.

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    Just to add my 2c: Iv'e got a m972 2" ss. It shoots better than I can hold at 50' & I wish that all Ruger pistols had as good a trigger on them. Then they would really kick the compitition...
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    Shot shells out of a rifled pistol barrel are not reliable. The shot pattern flies in a spiral. Practicing point shooting with a light .38 load would work better. Mind you, if you kill all the snakes, I'm guessing you're talking rattlers, will cause an explosion in the rodent population. Plan 'B' would be a single shot, short barreled, .410. Carry it slung muzzle down, so it hangs just below the hip.
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    Never had a good one![;)]

    I passed on the YUGO's when they came out as well..........[:D]


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