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what is my winchester worth?

sabb0007sabb0007 Member Posts: 755 ✭✭✭✭
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I want to sell a gun that I own but I can't find any other guns like it for sale on the internet that would help me to price it out. I can't even find any information on my gun. I have a winchester Model 70 Ultimate Classic stainless with full octagon barrel. It has never been shot - it is in pristine condition. I have all of the papers that come with it. The action has probably been worked about 20 times - it has never been cleaned by me, it is exactly as the factory sent it. There is no scope or scope mounts on it. Thanks.

Matthew L. Sabbe


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    Spring CreekSpring Creek Member Posts: 1,260
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    A little more information would be necessary to get more exact on
    price, ie. Caliber, does it have box (you have papers)I'm presuming since you say exactly as factory sent it.
    So, what the Blue Book says is:
    100% $2525.00
    Add $100 for Stainless
    Add $235 for Octagon Barrel
    Add Approx. 15 % for .375 and larger Mag.cals (disc.1995)
    You've got a gun worth enough to give all the details to get actual and factual value.
    Going to have to find somebody that's looking for this particular gun for his collection to realize the quoted value.
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