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old forgien gun

purebreedrebelpurebreedrebel Member Posts: 62 ✭✭
edited December 2003 in Ask the Experts
A friend of mine has a old revolver pistol. On below the cylender there is Mre D'arms L'etunne. On the barrel it has s1914 mod 1892
beside that there is cc and then im guessing the serial # h56409. It has a octogon barrel and the handle is more round and has wooden inserts. Why i am asking is because he is paralized and yet still lives alone and is wanting to use it as a self defence gun but no one we have talked to knows anything about the gun much less what cal. it is. I am guessing it is maybe a .35 of some type but this is a guess. Also on the hammer the part that auctually hits the primmer is on some type of levy or sometype of pin that lets it move up and down just a little. There is a weird type of device that holds the cylender in place and it folds toward the barrel. Anything more than that I would have to be looking at the gun and it is not with me. I can try to get a pic if anyone thinks they know ANYTHING about it please post.
thanks for any help

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