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????.300 win. vs. 7mm ultra magnum

rusty1rusty1 Member Posts: 292 ✭✭✭
edited December 2003 in Ask the Experts
which has the most power.



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    JustCJustC Member Posts: 16,056 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    Bullet weight,..distance,...muzzel velocity,..all play a role.

    The 7mm ultra with a 162gr a-max is hard to beat. The 300win is a bad * round,..but IMHO the ultramags have the game locked down in spades.

    a 180gr pill from a 300win vs a 160gr pill from a 7mm ultramag may be fair,..but when comparing comparable bullet weights,..the 7mm has a higher BC and higher sectional density. This matters for long range,..but out to say 400yds,..I doubt you see a nickels worth of difference between the knockdown power. The Ultramag in 7mm with a 140gr pill will outshoot (trajectory) a 22-250!!!!!! That is witness to the power these ultramags have. Load them right,..and they are second to none. I have a buddy that sends whitetail for a dirt-nap at 700yds on a regular basis with the 7mm ultramag from a 26" tube. And best of all, belt to deal with. I am sure others will disagree,..but I think these big cases are the best thing to happen to rifles for long range since stainless steel!![8D]

    why chase the game when the bullet can get em from here?....
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    Travis HallamTravis Hallam Member Posts: 1,044 ✭✭✭✭
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    The 7mm Ultra has more speed and energy.

    The 300 win using a 150 grain bullet has 400 less enegry at 300 yards then the 7mm Ultra using the the same bullet in a 140 grain.

    The only advantage of the 300 win is it can throw a bigger pill.

    Mad Dog
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    easygo6easygo6 Member Posts: 1,465 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    I have read many of JustC' responses in these forum and respect his opinion. I have recently purchased a 338 RUM...WOW! Now I do want a 7MM RUM. These cartridges are great!!

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    bambihunterbambihunter Member Posts: 10,694 ✭✭✭
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    Don't forget about the full-powered 7mm STW too. The STW, while not all that common, is a great round and the ultra was designed to match its performance. I know Remington has/had factory guns in this chambering. I have heard that the STW can be loaded hotter than the Ultra, but I don't reload and haven't done the research on these cases to know (so take it accordingly).
    That said, I chose the .300 Win Mag for its higher knock-down power. If it's good enough for the Marine marksmen team it's more than good enough for me...
    Fanatic collector of the 10mm auto.
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    Mr.PissyPantsMr.PissyPants Member Posts: 3,575
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    Of course rusty1 you could always go with the 300RUM.


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    michael minarikmichael minarik Member Posts: 478 ✭✭✭
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    During the week of Nov 19-22, my son and I were Deer hunting.

    After 2 hours of ardous 4-wheel driving trying to find Deer, we stopped for a snack.

    My son said "Dad, my 300UM can out shoot your 300UM Sendero." So we picked a spot...a wayyyyy out there... The spot was a Soapweed (about 3 feet in size, very dark green) in a patch of light sand at the base of a high Sandhill.

    He fired and hit it, I fired and missed it...his eyes are 20 my eyes are 57 with Trifocals. Then he said "let's see how far the shot was".
    I cleared the trip odometer and we drove at 4-tenths of a mile we came to a fence with no gate. "our" shooting spot was 200 yards on the other side of the fence!!!!!

    Give me the 300UM, 308 dia 180 grain anytime...

    conclusion: with a 300 UM if you can see it you can kill it...
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