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I have a model 12 winchester 16 ga.serial number 378618. could anyone tell me how old it is,and what it is worth,i would say it is at 60% condition. thanks bridgebuilder41


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    Good evening Bridgebuilder: your Md 12 was made in 1924. 16/20 ga. guns made before 1927 had short chambers, 16 ga was 2 9/16. So if your gun was opened up, to handle 2 3/4 it's no longer original, if not your limited to just a few manufactures who still make short shells, kind of a catch 22. Of course barrel length and choke are important. A 26 in. Cyl bore will be worth more than a 28 in. full, but in the 60% range, assuming it's a plain barrel and doesn't have a solid rib, about $250-$300.

    Regards Dave
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