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Hi is it true, that chrome barrels on a h bar ar15 are not as acurate as the non chrome lined barrels? many thanks


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    Be prepared for a wide divergence of opinion on answers to your question. This is a debatable issue. Chrome lined barrels are generally regarded as being slightly less accurate than stainless steel barrels. As a rule (not absolute), stainless is the most accurate barrel, followed by a good chrome/moly barrel(like a Colt), then a chrome lined barrel. However, a good chrome lined barrel (like a Bushmaster) can outshoot a mediocre (cheaper type) chrome moly barrel. A good chrome lined barrel can do better than 1 MOA with good ammunition just like great stainless barrels can do very poorly with bad ammunition.

    Stainless steel is better at preventing corrosion than regular 4140 steel which is the mil spec metal. Chrome (chromium) is the same ingredient in the stainless steel that gives it corrosion resistant properties. A barrel is chromed to aid in feeding and extraction of the cartridge in wet and high humidity climates where the rifle cannot be cleaned regularly. The chrome barrel resists corrosion and is easier to clean. Therefore, a chrome barrel can make the rifle more reliable (as was the case of the M16 in Vietnam). Due to the slickness of the chrome lining, a higher velocity of the bullet may also possible. Chromed barrels can also last longer than barrels made of other metals and are more wear resistant.

    However, there are so many variables that can affect accuracy from barrel to barrel, rifle to rifle, shooter to shooter, that I suspect any difference (except under the most demanding of competition scenarios) would probably be insignificant.



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    Yes,heavyiron is right when the barrel is chrome lined there are so many variables that theres no way it could be as accurate as a comparable match ss bull barrell but for long term durability the chrome "shines" here

    just my two cents

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    third ditto.....I don't think you will see a chrome barrel winning at camp perry but they can be very accurate for us non-perry winners.

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