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my great uncle recently passed, and while going thru some of his things his brother and i found amongst other things, a .22 single shot rifle, the only markings are .22 long rifle and premier, as of now it's missing the bolt, hopefully though we will find it, i've heard several companies have made rifles like this, and i'm trying to locate the company that made this one, and possibly where i could find a replacement bolt for this rifle. http://premier22longrifle.mypicgallery.com



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    Your "Premier" is actually a Stevens Model 15 single shot .22 rifle. The "Premier" name was a trade name used for companies like Sears and Wards. It's a pretty common rifle with little collector value but maybe you'll get lucky to find a bolt using the Stevens Model 15 search.


    For comparison, a Stevens Model 15 recently sold for $63 on Gunbroker at: http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=34859117

    There's complete bolt for sale on Gunbroker at:


    Good luck!

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    Spud, while looking at your pictures, I noticed the extractor in picture #5 (left to right, top to bottom) appears to be different than the model 15 Stevens. Look at the rear of the barrel and notice that there is a half moon recess,like the bottom part of the chamber is missing and the extractor is a half moon shape that fits in that recess and completes the chamber. The extractor seems to slide in a channel under the bolt, and slides easily. If you would, check to see if that extractor removes easily, and take a picture of it and post it. What I'm getting at is that I have a single shot that uses the same type of extractor system and the extractor is missing. Since mine is missing, I don't know what it looks like, therefore don't know what to look for. Yours is the only one I have seen that uses this type system. I was thinking that I may be able to use the extractor from another make of rifle other than the one I have that may replace it. I cannot find another rifle that uses this system. The parts breakdown that I have on the model 15 Stevens indicates that they do not use this system. If that is the case, the bolt with the extractor mounted on the bolt will not work in your Premier. Please check, and if you do not find a bolt that will work to restore your rifle, I may be interested in buying the extractor to see if I can modify it to fit my rifle. If anyone else reading this thread has any knowledge of this type system, and what rifles use it please let me know. (Does this make sense to you? Am I explaining it in and understandable manner?)

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