Nikon scope question

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Hello YA'LL
I picked up a savage 243 with a Nikon 4x40 scope on it. Guy said he picked up the gun in 1996 and it had the scope on it then. Is this enought scope for a little single shot 22 hornet or would a 6x be better? Traded the gun and broke even, kept the scope. Whatever the scope is worth is how i came out. I guess I can always find something to put this scope on. Appericate any input. Thankyou Beltfed


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    Im sure the Nikon 4x40 is a good clear scope,it may suit you on the Hornet.
    The best way to find out is to try it out. Most of the time shooting at varmints or small targets you would be happier with more power, but since the Hornet is not a real long range caliber ,it may be fine.
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