Correct ID for Colt Pocket Model

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Hello Capt:
subject: Auction # 35335954
I would appreciate assistance in correctly identify the Colt Pocket Model that I am selling. I do not have access to reference book. I have talked to knowledgeable Dealers/Collectors and each have identified it as a different model. 1849, 1851, 1853, &1862.
Thanks so much for your kind assistance,

Roland Kinney


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    The description calls it a Pocket Navy which is a 5 shot .36 caliber. Can't see the caliber but it is a 5 shot. I'm wondering what makes you suspect it is something else. Also the description gives contacts for the seller which I would use first, confirm caliber, ask questions and then explore here on GB for other info if needed.
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    I believe he said he was the seller. He has received e-mails stating that the gun was something different than he has it listed as.
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    Sorry I should have read it again before I wrote. I made a mistake once before, you may recall the time I thought I had made a mistake and hadn't. So to try again. If it is .36 caliber, Flayderman's item 5B-108 calls it Colt Model 1862 Pocket Navy. Measure the bore of the barrel and cylinder. Otherwise if it is .31 caliber I would call it a 1849 Pocket model which were made in both 5 and 6 shot types. Sorry for any confusion & hope this helps.
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