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I have a new 6mm BR just about buttoned up, and just now finishing the inletting of the laminated stock.
Question is a accuracy concern over totaly floating the heavy barrel or leaving a bit of the bedding in front of the recoil lug.
The XP-100 action has been pillar bedded in place and should provide enough of a platform to support the weight of the heavy barrel but just not sure of the best way with out doing a trial and error thing.
Any good ideas ?????

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    When I'm bedding an action, I use Brownells' two part epoxy gel from the front recoil lug area all the way to the forestock tip. The rear acion screw area get a dab also. I've tried most of the popular combo's at one time or another, but have settled on full contact to the barrel for the first inch or two at the chamber end depending on where the taper starts to run. Also I put in a one inch pad at the foward tip of the forestock. I have found that when proving the accuracy this pad may or may not help, but that it is easier to remove it later then to add it. I free float the distance inbetween with a couple of layers of duct tape on the barrel to keep the epoxy evenly spaced away. I also put a couple of layers on the front face of the recoil lug. I'm sure many others will weigh in with their favorite bedding combo, but this is what I do on my rifles and I've gotten some real good consisitant results with it.
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    What dia is the barrel? If it is a rem700 action, then it needs no bedding in front of the action unless you go with a 1.250" tube longer than 30". I have gone over and over this with the gunsmith,..and I have rifles bedded both ways. The rifles with the 2" barrel pad have no accuracy increase over those that don't. It matters only when the tube is too heavy to be supported by the action/action bedding/ action screws.

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    Thanks guys,
    It's a #7 straight taper Shilen, on a XP-100 action, and I think I'll bed it about the first two inches in front of the recoil lug, and see what happens.

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