As anyone use MOJO sight?

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The subject speaks for it-self. Looking at the Mosin-Nagant one and the 98K too.


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    I've put several on for other folks on 98's, 96's and '09 Arg. that are being used for moderate range competitions. They all seem to like them a lot. I don't use open sights like this so I can't comment personally. The Mojo's are reasonably well made and seem to hold up for these uses.


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    Spec.4 -
    I have them on a Turk M38 Mauser and two Mosins (M44 and 91-30) and have to say that I have been VERY pleased with the performance. I bought the older version (non-microclick) when they were first coming out and find them to be a joy to use over the factory sights on either rifle. [:)]

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    I've got one. It works fine, though I find even on the lowest setting, it still shoots high at 100y on some guns.

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    Put a set on a Swiss K31 and found a real improvement over the issue sights. BUT since I can't use them in bolt rifle competition (must use the as issued sights) I changed back.
    Nice sights though and well made.
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