MEC 650 question

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I bought a used 650 and am trying to set it up.
Can someone explain how the bar lock releases on this press?
I can't make sense out of the mechanism and the "techie" at MEC gave me a fast shuffle. Mailing this contraption back and forth will be expensive.
I'd rather buy parts if I'm missing any.


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    Hello, I haven't been on there site for awhi;e but you could find the instructions for their Loaders and download them. I am sure at onetime I downloaded a 650.

    Old Ammo, have lots always looking for more. Questions email [email protected]
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    I do have the instructions but they don't describe unlatching of the charge bar lock in clear detail. They say it does but not really how and why. It's not obvious from examining the machine.
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    Run it up the flagpole in the 'paint ball' aka reloading forum.
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    Several years ago I tried loading on a 650. The bar lock kept locking the charge bar to the left. I took it off and threw it away and never had a problem after that.
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