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I saw a 12 ga. sears ranger model 12 ga. pump with a high back,like a browning auto.did browning make these for sears?and where many of them made like this.is it a old gun. thanks bridgebuilder41


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    The pump shotgun you describe with the squared off receiver is probably the Stevens Model 520. It was designed by John Browning for Stevens in the early years of the 20th Century.

    Stevens, later Savage produced it as late as the W W II era. It was quite common for them to manufacture firarms using "Trade Names", such as Ranger used by Sears.

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    Ranger Model 30/ Model 30 is the Stevens model 520A
    Ranger Model 36/ Model 36 is the Marlin model 80 Adj. Trigger
    Ranger Model 101.2/ Model 101.2 is the Savage model 238
    Ranger Model 101.8/ Model 101.8 is the Stevens model 83
    Ranger Model 104.7/ Model 104.7 is the H&R model 120
    Ranger Model 105.2/ Model 105.2 is the H&R model 120
    Ranger Model 120/ Model 120 is the Winchester model 1200
    Ranger Model 400/ Model 400 is the Stevens model 311
    Ranger Model 34A/ Model 34A is the Marlin model 50-50E
    Ranger Model 34A/ Model 34A is the Marlin model 80.C,780
    Ranger Model 35A/ Model 35A is the Stevens model 66A

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